We are delighted when we get testimonials from happy clients! Some of the comments we have received (reproduced with their permission):

Thanks arrived safely and I endorse all the comments on the wonderful qualities of your product. I use it liberally after my daily swims and it works wonders...my 73 year old skin looks like a much younger person!!
Alison, Augusta, WA

I have been taking your emu oil for one year now, and am very pleased with the results. I take approx. 5mls in the morning and have no problems with the taste. My husband is recovering from Ross River virus and now taking it also.
Lee and Len, Gingin, WA

I'm extremely happy with the emu oil and take it every day. I have experienced a marked improvement in mobility and need less pain relief for my arthritis. I totally love the soap, especially for my face. 
Jill, Morley, WA

I have had extensive tattoos. The last lot, I used the pure emu oil and found that the healing process was quicker. The skin stayed softer and did not crack as much. I would thoroughly recommend anyone getting tattoos to use emu oil. I have kept using it for my skin and it keeps it soft. 
Neil, Kukerin, WA

I just wanted to say thank you. For the last several years I have had an extremely sensitive scalp which has been getting progressively worse regardless of what shampoos and conditioners I used. I was advised by my dermatologist that we had exhausted all conservative measures and the next step would be cortisone cream rubbed into my scalp daily. So, armed with my prescription, I headed straight to the computer for yet more research and found an American hair clinic touting emu oil. No one had ever mentioned emu oil for skin conditions, only arthritis and the like.

So I settled on you guys. I placed an order Saturday night and you processed it the very next day!

Day 1: scalp extremely itchy before use and after use, itchy and extremely tingly. This lasted for about 20 minutes but my scalp did not start to itch for about 6 hours and when it did it was not as severe. Day 2: scalp slightly itchy before use and after use, less itchy, no tingling and no itch for hours and then only mild itch. Days 3-15 (today): improvement on a daily basis to the point where my scalp rarely itches and when it does, it is only slight.

I have always had to use a detangling conditioner as my hair is long and fine and tangles very easily with washing. However, I thought I could put up with that if my scalp would just stop itching. I needed have worried! My hair was quite tangled and knotted after washing the first few days, but then my comb just started gliding through the knots and did not pull my hair out.

My hair is now soft, shiny and manageable, everything you said it would be. In fact, it is in the best condition it has been for probably 20 years. I have now destroyed my cortisone prescription and will keep using your shampoo and conditioner and intend to try some of your other products as well. Thank you so much. 
Judy, Little Hampton, SA

I don't like using chemicals on my hair and a couple of years ago I started using henna/indigo to successfully dye my hair. A couple of months ago, I started using Emu Essence SLS free hair shampoo, and accidentally discovered that my hair dye lasted twice as long! It must be due to the lack of detergents in their products, so it's a double bonus, I couldn't be happier with the product.
Mark and Maureen, Little Grove, WA

I purchased Emu Oil from you at the Perth Royal, and it helped my daughter considerably. We are happily looking forward to our new jar of Emu Oil Arthritis Rub!
Honey Gross-Richardson

Be sure in the future that we will continue to use your product and let others know about its wonderful qualities and uses. Just two brief examples. 

One, my wife has had psoriasis for over 30 yrs. During this time she has had numerous treatment from doctors and specialists which included cortisone and tar treatments. It was mostly on her feet and ankles and many times covered most of them, top and bottom causing cracking and bleeding and much discomfort. Someone suggested using emu oil which we picked up at Wal Mart. She noticed good results fairly quickly so I started looking for a more economical way to purchase it. After a little web searching I found your site and ordered her first liter. Within about three months of continuous use morning and night it is kept 95% under control, it is no longer appearing on the bottom and top of her feet, but only on the left outside ankle in a small stubborn patch. No more cracking and bleeding and no discomfort from walking.

 The other instance was what was diagnosed by a skin “specialist” as psoriasis that started in Mexico two years ago this February. It started out as two or three blister like small bumps. It grew quite rapidly in a circular progression. It was very painful and burnt like a scald. At this time she had not started using your oil yet, but as she did so she found good results on this too. She had been visiting the “specialist” up to three times a week and it had still been progressing in size. She was being treated with tar baths, cortisone and UV light therapy which caused even more pain and seem to feed its growth. She then, at the same time as she started to treat her feet, began using it on this patch which was now around 8 inches in diameter. Again almost immediate results. The skin “specialist” saw the results and did a biopsy on the affected area and in the result chart she concluded that it was partially cured psoriasis. Within two and a half months it was gone. Her skin “specialist” wrote in large letters Emu Oil all over her chart. We are not sure what this was, because it did not even resemble the psoriasis that she has, but in any event it took care of it and many of her girlfriends have seen the results and have been amazed. The scarring is now barely visible. My wife now uses the Emu Oil as a body lotion and moisturizer.
Dave, Lantzville, Canada

I've been taking Emu Oil capsules and using your Arthritis Rub now for the past six weeks and wanted to tell you and others of the fantastic results. I've had pain and burning in my feet in particular over the last two years and more recently discomfort in my hands and knees. Specialists told me this was Arthritis and also Neuroma in my feet. I'm delighted to say I've avoided the suggested options of orthotics, cortisone or surgery by adopting an Emu Oil regime. The discomfort had been affecting my quality of life but now I feel so much better. Now I'm slowly replacing other items in my home with your Emu Oil products. Thank you. 
Lyn Hughes, Leda, WA

I think your product is wonderful. I have been using it on my skin condition "porokeratosis" which leave bright red scaly marks on my skin. The emu oil makes them less red, angry and scaly. Thanks. 

Thankyou for your prompt delivery. We first found your product at the Newman Festival and have been avid users ever since. Being natural I’m not allergic to your product and my brother gets the relief from back pain that he can find no where else. We will definitely be back. We have been using arthritis relief for around five years now and won't be using anything else.
Roxy, Carnamah, WA

My shampoo and conditioner arrived Tuesday 20 July 2010. Very quick delivery and I will definitely be re-ordering. I chose your products because emu oil was the major ingredient in both items. Other professional shampoos I've used have contained sodium lauryl sulphate and, or hydrolysed wheat protein which takes the colour out of my colour treated hair. other emu oil shampoos have rosemary included which acts as an astringent and dries your hair out and colour fades. Please do not mess around with the ingredients they are fine. Recommended your hair products to my hairdresser yesterday.
Karen, Maidstone, UK

Thank you for a container of gold! My cholesterol has gone down to 4.9 - has not been that for years - so you see - pure gold! I recommend it to everyone.
E Wade, Greenwood, WA

You've got a new fan - my youngest grandson who has a lot of trouble with shaving rash and dry skin finds the moisturiser the best of all things he has tried.
Margaret, Lake Grace, WA

About 17 December 2007 I ordered some products from you and they were wonderful. I am having hip trouble at present and would appreciate the attached order being sent to me. I hope my hip recovers as did my knee in 2007. Many thanks.
Carmel, NSW

We did a trial using your emu oil on Rob’s badly cracked feet and it worked well hence the follow up order.
Jennifer, Boyup Brook, WA

...One bottle is for me and another for a friend whose little boy has reacted very positively to your product. His eczema has almost disappeared from his legs. My little boy no longer has eczema on his body at all so I am keen to keep using Emu Oil.
K Turner, Hampstead, London

I wanted to let you know that my partner takes a couple of emu oil tablets in the morning and says it has greatly reduced the pain he has been experiencing for many years from Crohn's Disease. It's obviously a wonderful anti-inflammatory and I have a capful in my fruit smoothie every morning. I know my skin has improved and my joints.  I had a problem with it to start with as I'm vegetarian but I made myself get over it. I've just ordered the shampoo and conditioner and a couple of other things and a large quantity of emu pills.  I'm really grateful I've discovered you. Thank you.
Mary, York, WA

Just wish to say that your products are great and the shampoo and conditioner has fixed my Mum's head, my hands and nails are the best they have been for years. Thanks again.
Tracey, Coolup

Firstly I would like to thank you for sending my Emu Essence so promptly. I have been using your product for a few years now and find that no other moisturiser touches it in quality. My husband first bought it for me to try and in his wisdom, purchased four jars. My skin feels wonderful and when I was in the U.K recently I left a jar with a friend as she used some and said how wonderful it was. I have nothing but praise for your product and shall, when people tell me my skin looks good for my age (54) that I only use your product. Thank you for your great service.

I bought some of your moisturiser from the Kelmscott Show Last year. Thought you would like to hear that I find your moisturiser to be a wonderful product, better than anything I have bought in a shop. Thank you.

The Family have found the arthritis Rub to be an excellent product. Please could you send me two more plus the Hand Lotion.

...I suffered the effects of Stingers after swimming in the ocean at Dunsborough.

After applying Emu Essence to the affected area the stinging sensation was relieved and within twenty four hours all evidence of the sting was gone. A friend also used Emu Essence after being stung at Rottnest, with the same result.
M Hogg, Lesmurdie, WA

After using emu oil for most of the 1994 season, I am confident in recommending it as a good product for the following reasons:

  • Very easy to use, remaining slippery longer than other oils
  • Players like you using it on them, which is very important
  • Some players who are allergic to other oils show no signs of allergy
  • When a player is injured it is quite likely you may massage the injured part twice a day which sets up a rash and they get pimples around the hairs. This has not been evident using emu oil
  • Emu oil appears to relieve stiff and sore muscles

Bill, Head Trainer, West Coast Eagles

I’m 84 years of age and using the oil on my hair each morning has slowed the rate that my hair was falling out – it’s amazing. After a day of bowls, some Emu Oil rubbed into my knees and they are as good as gold again. I swear by the “good oil”.
Leo, Northam, WA

I rub the arthritis rub on my swollen fingers and sore jaw. It relieves aches and pain.
Beryl, Kukerin, WA

The Emu Essence Hand Cream is great for cracked heels.  
Leigh, Kukerin, WA

I keep the Emu Essence Hand Cream in the fridge and apply to my baby’s nappy rash. One or two applications and the rash is gone.
Kelly, Currambine, WA

Three capsules in the morning and three at night, and my aches and pains are gone!
Norm, Mt Barker, WA

Two capsules a day has toughened my nails (not as brittle) and overall skin is moistened.
Maxine, Carlisle, WA

My father has been suffering from diabetes for the past 20 years and his vision is partially impaired because of his diabetic condition. His arms and legs are bruised on and off because of his constant scratching. On the evening of 17th May, we applied emu oil on his bruised part. We re-applied on 18th May and by the morning of 19th May, it was healed as evidence of photos attached.

...I bought a little of pure emu oil – just to try. Then days after, the strong WA sun burned my nose. A scar appeared and it did not look good at all, so I tried some of the oil. I was surprised – overnight a significant improvement and 2 days later all was totally healed.
Gerda, Nth Turramurra, NSW

I’ve suffered from tendonitis pain for over a year and once I tried Arthritis Rub, it relieved the pain. It has also helped my parents with their arthritis.
Maria, West Wollongong, NSW

We had our holiday in Perth and chanced upon your product (arthritis rub). After applying it for 2 days, my mum felt a difference in her joints. She has had arthritis for years and finally found a product that works!   
Pauline, Singapore

I have found half a teaspoon per day for about a month/6 weeks great for diabetes.
Noel, Rockingham, WA

I ordered 3 of your products recently via the Internet and I just wanted you to know how pleased and satisfied I am with everything. Ordering was easy, smooth credit card transaction, and I received the products in just a few days and they travelled over 9,000 miles. I have pain in many areas from arthritis and will make very good use of the rub and I put emu oil on my hands last night before going to bed and did not wake up with morning stiffness. Thanks for the wonderful products and I will be ordering from your internet site again due to your wonderful customer service.

I would like to recommend your product Arthritis Rub. My brother introduced it to me two years ago. Mainly I use it for muscle stiffness – by massaging it into the muscles I get great relief. The perfume is pleasant and refreshing. It is a “MUST HAVE” product in our home.
Zelda, Floreat, WA

Both my husband and I have suffered from tooth ache. We both used Emu Essence Capsules, biting on one to distribute the oil on the gum. The swelling and soreness was gone in two days.
Mei Ling, Singapore

Having arthritis in the hands, I began taking one of the Emu Essence Capsules three times a day and the pain is gone.
Bill, Albany, WA

I take a teaspoon of Emu Essence Pure Emu Oil a day for general good health and I have found it very worthwhile as it makes me feel good. It tastes terrible, but is worth it! I find it easier to swallow by taking it with yoghurt.
F Wishart, Midora

Two teaspoons of emu oil per day, warmed up, is helping my cholesterol.
Laurie, Hamilton Hill, WA

My dog has a skin allergy and I massage her with Emu Essence Pure Emu Oil. I also add one teaspoon of this oil to her food and so far the allergy is under control.
Margaret, Ferndale, WA

We both suffered from pains in the finger/thumb joints and Richard a footballer’s knee. After taking a teaspoon full of emu oil orally each morning for a few months, these pains disappeared. We ran out of oil and a couple of weeks lapsed and the pains returned. We have ordered more oil and will return to our daily dose, for us it works.
Richard and Judith, Bunbury, WA

Too afraid to take the dog off emu oil – Recommended it to a friend and after trying and using it for months – swears by it!
Dennis and Sue, WA

I can heartily recommend Emu Oil for use after knee replacement surgery. Once the initial post operation pain had subsided and the analgesics were reduced I was not coping with the deep seated ache in the joint. A fellow hydrotherapy pool user suggested I try Emu Oil. The result was nothing short of miraculous. The oil seemed to penetrate right down to where the pain was and soothed the ache considerable, allowing for a decent night’s sleep at last. I have since recommended that friends use it post-op with the same results. So knee replacement people out there, arm yourself beforehand and be prepared.
Julia, Lathlain, WA

I find the shampoo very good – no more itching from other shampoos.
Norma, Carnamah, WA

I encouraged my husband to use the emu oil on his feet each day before putting on his socks and boots. After suffering constant tinea for 12 years he is actually itch free. Great stuff!!
Camille, Hilton, WA

Having tried your moisture cream with vitamin E, I have to say I am delighted with it. It has cleared up an irritating skin problem on my legs.
Alan, ‘Down to Earth’ Holistic Health, Portsmouth, Hampshire

Thank you for sending my order so promptly. The dog shampoo really soothes "Buddy's" skin .....we can't do without it!!
Shirley, WA