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Emu oil helps chemotherapy patients

16 April 2013 10:18:33 AM Australia/Adelaide


Up to 60% of cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy receive painful intestinal ulcers but there are currently "no effective treatment options", the researchers said.

"We have now done sufficient studies in the laboratory to show that emu oil has potential to help reduce the debilitating symptoms of these conditions and to enhance intestinal recovery," said Professor Gordon Howarth, the lead researcher.


Emu Oil Helping Relieve Bowel Diseases

16 April 2013 10:18:33 AM Australia/Adelaide


Suzanne Mashtoub Abimosleh from the university says the testing has shown positive results.

"I'm looking forward to seeing emu oil undergo a controlled clinical trial to determine whether my encouraging laboratory studies are actually going to translate into a clinical benefit for these cancer patients or inflammatory bowel disease sufferers," she said.


Cate Blanchett's skin secret

8 April 2013 3:44:27 PM Australia/Adelaide


Cate Blanchett claims an everyday Aussie face oil is the secret to her flawless dewy complexion.


The Daily Telegraph published an article on April 01, 2013 as to the beauty secrets of our own Cate Blanchett.


The 43 year old actress contributes her skin to a cream containing Emu Oil.