1.    What are the benefits of Emu Oil?

Pure Emu Oil is a natural product that has been used with traditional medicine for thousands of years for many conditions and ailments. Emu oil can provide relief from strains, sprains, bruising, muscular aches and joint pain. Emu Oil is suitable for all skin types as it is hypo-allergenic. It has anti-inflammatory properties which provide substantial relief from arthritis. It also reduces inflammation and irritation caused by skin disorders, such as eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, nappy rash and cradle cap, while still providing moisture and nutrients to maintain the skin in healthier condition. Emu Oil can also be effective in reducing the pain and irritation caused by insect bites, rashes and abrasions.  Emu Oil has superior penetrating properties in comparison to vegetable and mineral oils as its structure is most similar to human sebum, therefore, it can provide therapeutic action deep below the layers of skin. Emu Oil is also very effective in reducing pain and scarring caused by burns, while promoting faster healing. Containing vitamins A, E and F, is a highly effective moisturiser beneficial for the maintaining healthy skin, hair and nails. Helps in the regeneration of skin tissue, therefore, with regular use can aid in reducing stretch marks, scarring and age spots. Emu Oil can also help reduce redness, inflammation and scarring caused by acne. Scientific research has shown Emu Oil can reduce the inflammation associated with digestive disorders such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn’s Disease, indigestion and ulcers. Taken internally Emu Oil aids to lower cholesterol levels.  As Emu Oil is principally made up of essential fatty acids which are not produced by the body and are recognised to assist with things like mood disorders and depression as well as to protect against cardiovascular disease. Emu Oil is also the ideal moisturising eye make-up remover.

2.    How does Emu Oil work?

The main properties of Emu Oil are that it has high penetrability, can moisturise and nourishes the skin with essential fatty acids. It doesn't clog pores, it's hypo-allergenic, anti-inflammatory and pain relieving. Emu Oil penetrates the outer skin and nourishes and heals the skin at the deepest levels.

3.    How Pure is the Emu Oil?

The Pure Emu Oil we provide is of the highest quality. It is refined and certified to the required Australian standards.

4.    What is in Emu Oil?

Emu Oil is a complex oil primarily constituted of essential fatty acids and is a natural source of Omegas 3, 6 and 9. Omegas 3, 6 and 9 are not produced by the human body but are necessary for the maintenance of good health. Emu oil also contains Vitamins A, E and F.

5.    Do you add anything to your oil?

Our Pure Emu Oil is just that – Pure. We farm the birds, render the oil and bottle. No additives.

6.    Are all the parts of the Emu used?

Yes. We use the meat for eating, the leather for products and the feathers for light horseman caps, quail nests and card making and fashion. We also collect and use the eggs for eating, painting and carving.

7.    Does Pure Emu Oil have a scent?

Our Pure Emu Oil has a raw natural scent of its own.

8.    Does Emu Oil thicken?

Yes, this is a natural occurrence that Emu Oil will thicken up in cold weather and could even turn solid. Pure Emu Oil reacts with the weather. During the Winter, it will be thicker than in Summer when it will be runnier. Once applied to the skin it will become runnier. When you feel the Emu Oil is too thick to use, the bottle can be placed in a warm bowl of water for around 5 minutes, given a shake and then used as normal (it will return to its normal state).

9.    Does Emu Oil leave the skin feeling greasy?

Emu Oil has superior penetrating properties which allow the oil to penetrate the skin providing moisture to repair and hydrate without leaving the skin feeling greasy. If you feel like your skin is greasy, too much has been applied. As Emu Oil is non-comedogenic (meaning it will not clog the pores) the skin is able to breathe.

10.  How do I use Emu Oil?

Due to the Emu Oil’s spreadable nature, it is extremely economical and remains effective at low use levels which, unlike other products, less quantity is required. The oil is quickly absorbed into your skin leaving your skin smooth and soft to the touch without the greasiness.

11.  How Much Emu Oil Do You Use?

Try using just a few drops first, adding more if your skins needs it. It is better to use small amounts, more often. Emu Oil is an efficient oil as only small amounts are needed.

12.  Can I use Emu Oil on my face?

Yes. Apply a very small amount (2 drops) and massage into your face. It will absorb quickly leaving your face soft and smooth but not oily.

13.  Can I use emu oil on my scalp/hair?

Yes. Emu Oil is great if you have a dry, itchy and/or flaky scalp. Simply use a small amount (1/4 teaspoon) of Emu Oil and gently rub into your scalp. Follow this with washing your hair with Emu Essence Shampoo and Conditioner.

14.  Can Emu Oil be used for aging skin and wrinkles?

Emu Oil makes an excellent moisturiser due to its fatty acid composition and hydrates the skin. As moisture increases, the plumpness of the skin increases, making wrinkles less obvious. Our Pure Emu Oil is one option along with our range of moisturising products.

15.  Can I use Emu Oil when I am pregnant?

Yes. Emu Essence Pure Emu Oil can be rubbed into your body to help with stretch marks associated with pregnancy.

16.  Is Emu Oil safe to use on babies?

Yes. Our Pure Emu Oil is 100% natural and can be used on babies for cradle crap, eczema and nappy rash. Also a couple of drops in the bath water to keep water and skin soft, acts like an all over moisturiser. The Pure Emu Oil is also gentle enough to be massaged into the skin.

17.  Is Emu Oil suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes. When treating irritated or sensitive skin it is important to use only 100% Pure Emu Oil. Our Pure Emu Oil is completely hypo-allergenic and non-irritating even for the most sensitive of skins.

18.  Can Emu Oil be used on Pets?

Yes. Our Pure Emu Oil can be used on pet's skin problems such as minor wounds, aching joints and dry skin. We also have a Dog Shampoo available.

19.  What is the difference between the Emu Essence Massage Oils?

Emu Essence Body Oil  We recommend our Body Oil for asoothing, relaxing, general style massage oil for use at home or in the clinic.

Emu Essence Sports Massage OilThe Sports Massage Oil is used for aches, pains, growing pains, sore and tired muscles after and before sporting activities, through rubbing into the muscles. It is ideal for people with circulation problems. The formulation deeply penetrates to provide relief from muscular aches and pains, bruising, strains and sprains.

20.  What do I do if my country is not listed on the checkout page?

Please either call us on 0898 646 046 or email us on watpowlegends@activ8.net.au and we will have your country added.