About Us

Emu Essence came about through diversifying farming practices on what was a predominantly sheep and grain farm. It was a huge learning curve, not only in farming practices, but also in the field of producing quality products.

The Emu Essence team consists of Catherine and Jeff Watkins and their three children. The Team is involved in the process from collecting the eggs, incubating and rearing the chicks. When the chicks are old enough, they are left to roam in open paddocks in a free range environment. Once the oil is processed and transported back to the farm, Catherine has produced a range of emu oil products, which through the involvement of an experienced emu product consultant has led to the success of the Emu Essence product range.

Emu Essence is not only a 100% owned and operated Western Australian business, but Catherine and Jeff originally started and continue to be emu farmers so their experience with emu oil has been from the ground up and has grown to be one of Australia’s biggest and most diverse manufacturers and exporters of emu oil products.